Dental Extractions Midland Park, NJ

In Midland Park, NJ, patients of Veenstra Family Dental know that we treat them like family. When it comes to a painful toothaches, emergencies, or full mouth restoration with dental implants, you can trust that your dental extraction in Midland Park.

Man getting dental work done

“Do I Need to Have My Tooth Pulled?”

While there’s not always a straightforward answer to whether you need an extraction, you may want to consider one if you’re experiencing any of the following oral health conditions:

- Impacted wisdom teeth
- Severe fractures or decay
- Upcoming denture treatment
- Chronic toothaches
- Advanced periodontal disease

Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Each of our teeth play a specific role when it comes to eating, speaking, and the alignment of other teeth in our mouths. Losing just one tooth can create a chain reaction that causes its neighbors to start to move, tilt, and erupt further out of the mouth. This process can spread throughout the entire mouth.

Any time you schedule extractions in Midland Park, New Jersey, the Veenstra Family Dental team will discuss practical options for how to replace them. Unless it’s a wisdom tooth, you’ll want to arrange for a restoration within a timely manner (before teeth start shifting.) Some of the more common ones to consider include bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants.

In Pain? Emergency Extractions in Midland Park

New Jersey dentists at Veenstra Family Dental want to alleviate your discomfort as quickly as possible. Sometimes this means performing a same day emergency dental extraction, especially if swelling or infection is involved. But before we do, we’ll review any alternatives with you so that you can make an informed decision about your oral care! Looking for a new dentist? Contact Veenstra Family Dental today to schedule your first visit! New patients and children are always welcome!