Dentures Midland Park, NJ

Dentures in Midland Park, NJ are one of the most economical and efficient options for replacing your missing teeth. If you’re looking for dentures in Midland Park, New Jersey, we invite you to contact Veenstra Family Dental. Our custom denture in Midland Park options can be designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

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Full Denture Designs

Most traditional dentures are a full “plate” design that covers your entire upper or lower arch. They rest directly on top of your gums, so if you have any problematic teeth they will need to be extracted first.

Partial Dentures

Veenstra Family Dental wants to help our patients preserve their natural teeth when at all possible. Instead of extracting any extra ones, we can create a partial denture that snaps into place around the teeth that are healthy.

Implant Stabilization

Have you ever heard of implant dentures? Midland Park, NJ patients can choose to have their fixed or removable denture appliance affixed to dental implants for added comfort and security. Overdentures are removable, while hybrid designs are not. Both improve comfort and chewing capabilities, for your busy on-the-go routine. A permanent design will need about four implants, while a removable overdenture may only require as few as two.

Should I Get a Denture?

- Efficient tooth replacement
- Economical and budget-friendly
- Customized to your preferences

Caring for Your Denture

It’s important to keep your denture clean, allowing it to soak overnight and brushing it the next morning to lift away loosened buildup. Extended wear and inadequate maintenance can predispose you to sores and oral infections (such as thrush.) Our staff will show you the best methods and products to use to keep your denture clean.

Which Dentures are Right for You?

In Midland Park, NJ, patients trust Veenstra Family Dental to deliver high quality denture treatments that you can depend on. We welcome new patients, so if you’re experiencing problems with your current denture or need a denture repair, you’re welcome to call us!