Root Canals Midland Park, NJ

Suffering from a toothache or dental abscess? We offer gentle root canals in Midland Park, NJ. With comprehensive endodontic therapy you can treat and preserve your natural tooth in lieu of having it extracted.

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Do I Need a Root Canal?

In Midland Park, New Jersey we start your examination off by assessing the tooth and taking a small digital X-ray to evaluate the area around the tip of the root. This internal imaging allows us to see into the nerve chamber to determine if there is a deep cavity, crack, or infection causing the nerve to die.

Some of the symptoms of infected nerves include in Midland:

Darkening of the tooth
Sensitivity to hot foods/drinks
Pain when biting down
An abscess (pimple) along the gums
Deep cavities
Swelling or throbbing

By eliminating the infection and removing the diseased nerve inside of your tooth, we can seal off the hollow chamber and preserve the remaining healthy structure. Having a root canal is essentially like getting a filling that extends into the root. Otherwise, the open chamber would allow reinfection to occur.

Keeping You Comfortable

At Veenstra Family Dental, your comfort is essential. As with any other type of dental treatment — whether it be a small filling or a few implants — we take care to numb the area around your tooth to eliminate unnecessary discomfort, so that we can work efficiently to repair your smile.

Sometimes in the case of severe infection, it may be necessary to prescribe antibiotics before the root canal appointment so that the inflammation and swelling can be brought down (as these may interfere with the efficacy of local anesthetic.)

After removing the nerve, medicating your tooth, and filling the root canal chamber, we’ll prepare your tooth for a protective crown so that the brittle enamel left behind won’t chip away due to normal wear. Looking for a root canal dentist in Midland Park? Contact Veenstra Family Dental today!