Invisible Braces Midland Park, NJ

Have you always wanted straight teeth but dread the idea of traditional metal braces and a long-term commitment to treatment? At Veenstra Family Dental in Midland Park, NJ, straight teeth can be obtained without those harsh metal braces.

Women with Invisible Braces

Clear Aligners

This revolutionary new way to straighten your teeth is with clear aligners! Clear aligners in Midland Park use a series of removable, clear plastic “trays” to gradually straighten your teeth.

Clear aligners in Midland Park, New Jersey are virtually painless and requires fewer trips to the dentist. Clear aligners will have dental patients smiling, not only after their teeth are perfect, but also during the process as the plastic aligners are nearly invisible.

The invisible braces process utilizes a series of clear aligners, custom made for each patient and designed to slowly move teeth into proper position. The clear trays are made out of smooth plastic, making for a comfortable fit over your teeth. Each set of plastic aligners is worn for two weeks then swapped out for another set that continues to adjust your teeth until the treatment is complete. The best part is that the whole process is painless!

Straight teeth without the need for traditional braces are now a reality for patients in the Midland Park, NJ area. Veenstra Family Dental can give you back your confidence with a perfect smile without the brackets and harsh metals of braces. Clear aligners may be the right option for you if you have crooked or gapped teeth, as well as misaligned bites such as under, over, or cross bites. Call Veenstra Family Dental to schedule a consultation to discuss the option of clear aligners to create that beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of.